Finding Meaning in President’s Day

It use to be that we remembered our two most pivotal Presidents on their actual Birthdays.  President Lincoln was born on February 12, and President Washington on February 22.    Now, we just celebrate them both, together with a three-day weekend in the middle of February.

But after the week that has just finished, with all its sadness and heartache, who better to look to for help making sense of the tragedy?  Where did these great leaders of our past turn, when confronting the anguish and the long, dark night of the soul?

George Washington, praying,

at Valley Forge,with the Continental Army on the verge of starvation and defeat.


I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day.”

President Lincoln. 

Our “Spontaneous Inspiration Station”

If you’ve explored our shop at all, you ‘ve probably noticed an area that has gone by several names, most recently our “Bead Exchange.” 

Recent high-quality new additions to our stock led Jenn to dub it the “Spontaneous Inspiration Station.” 

Inspired is what you’ll be when you dig for treasures in our baskets.  A cross-section of beads and findings exceeding everything else in the store.  And modestly priced, too.  Can you say, “Cheap?” Nope.  Because these beads are in limited supply,  we can’t promise that there will ever be more of them.  Therefore, we price these orphans very inexpensively, and share the value with you.

You, the artist, can truly claim that it was Inspiration that lead you to  select, combine, and juxtapose these treasures.

Here are some pics of new arrivals that Dusti has just put out on the floor.  Hurry in for best selection.  And, yes, there will be more, but then they will be … well,  … just different.